so, we had a glögg party

and life has been just a little bit crazy since then. i've been busy finishing up our christmas shopping, wrapping the gifts, and jumping back into things at work since returning from vermont. now that i have that (mostly) under control, here are a few shots from the night. and don't be fooled by the goofiness. i had all of one glass of wine all night, and no glögg until well after our guests had left! i can't speak for david . . .

oh! that face!
i'm chalking it up to exhaustion.

what we were really going for:

(thanks for bearing with us, melissa!)

the party was great fun, and it was made all the easier by david's hard work and preparation, as well as the helping hands of my mother and laurie, who made cookies for us to share. we now have them coming out of our ears, but christmas is coming; we'll have plenty to bring for our family celebration.

here's a shot of the pots we used to serve the two different recipes of glögg. the one on the left is one we bought this year, and the one on the right belongs to my parents. we have searched high and low to find one like my parents', but to no avail. so melissa suggested that i post about it here to see if anyone else might stumble across my blog via google and say, "hey! we have one we want to get rid of!" smart girl, that melvel(uce).

so, if anyone is looking to sell a tall, copper glögg pot with a spigot in front, you just leave a comment and let me know how i can contact you. tack så mycket!


audrey said...

love the shirts! you and dave are adorable:)

melissa said...

we had a great time at the party - hope you're recovering okay! :)

Melissa Elsner said...

oh those pictures are FUN. you guys are too cute. and the beginning of your post sounds sooooooooo familiar to another blog.. hmmmm.. i wonder which one.. Merry Christmas!!!

Stuart Shea said...

I love picture #2--the star coming out of David's head, your goofy but so-cute 'smile'...wish we could have been there.