some enchanted evening

last night was another date night, and according to david it was my turn to choose the restaurant and the movie.

as we had two rain check passes to see a movie in evanston, the result of a botched attempt to see american gangster last month, i/we chose to indulge ourselves a bit in our choice of dinner locale. i hopped on to metromix.com and looked up evanston eateries. ruling out places such as jimmy john's and taco bell was pretty easy, but what was difficult was to branch out from our usual favorites, the flat top grill and davis street fish market among them.

then i saw the web site for the stained glass wine bar, bistro, and cellar. it looked absolutely charming, and the menu looked as though it would appeal to both of our palates. we were right! so, if you're ever in the neighborhood and able to splurge, i highly recommend it. the atmosphere was soothing and warm, the service was speedy and friendly, and the food was delicious. i think i devoured my butternut squash soup appetizer faster than i've ever eaten anything. ever. yum.

following our delicious meal (which left not a smidge of room for dessert), we made our way back to the theater that had been oh-so-packed a month before in the hopes of getting tickets (and seats) to see enchanted. it must have been our night, because we got in just as the previews were starting and took our seats.

the movie was really cute, though it didn't have me laughing out loud as much as i had hoped that it would. but amy adams, who i absolutely adored in junebug, did not disappoint. nor did alan menken, whose music had me tapping my toes.

all in all we had a lovely date night. next month it's david's turn to choose . . . duhn duhn duuuuhn!



simplicity said...

We have a date night next Friday and I think that Enchanted might have to be on the schedule. I've heard such great things about it.

Glad you had a nice date night. Hope your Christmas is Merry!

Anonymous said...

>> i think i devoured my butternut squash soup appetizer faster than i've ever eaten anything. ever. yum.

I'd agree, although I finished my salad first, it was the closest second A-M's ever had. Has she told you about "counting chews"?


mar said...

haha! 'counting chews' i guess that must've been pretty fast then.
good to know about 'enchanted' a gf wants to go see it with me before her culinary classes start up again.