a month of meals

in an attempt to eat better, and to make sure we eat real food for dinner, david and i sat down last sunday afternoon and created a month of meals. not everything is ├╝ber heart-healthy or low-fat/low-cal/low-sodium, but it's food that requires preparation beyond heating the oven and unwrapping the pizza.

when i mentioned this to melissa, she suggested a menu swap, and then she went and made her own monthly menu, complete with links to the recipes! our menu isn't that fancy, but it's done. more importantly, we're sticking to it!

addendum: i will certainly share my recipes, as soon as i figure out a way to link to the ones that aren't currently online. stay tuned!


Kelly said...

And are you going to share this menu?? I'm always on the lookout for healthy-ish recipes for the family.

Melissa said...

i think kelly's question deems our blog-posting-of-menus appropriate! let's see what we can do.