you asked for the menu (and by you, i mean kelly), so the menu you shall receive!

when david and i began our monthly menu, i thought it would just be a piece of paper we taped up next to our calendar-calendar (why neither of us thought to write the meals on that calendar, i'll never know). but after telling melissa about it, she mentioned it to audrey and to samara, who also thought it was a good idea, and who also wanted to swap recipes with the others of us who were on this quest to think ahead about what foods we'll prepare and, hopefully, eat better in the process.

and so, the four of us began (yet) another blog, cumbersomely named menusbythemonth.blogspot.com, where we will do just that. share our monthly menus. in the case of david's and my first installment, there are very few meals that are linked to sites where the recipes can be found, but i hope this will change over time.

feel free to stop by and see what's on our plates, so to speak. and, as i mentioned over there, if you would like a recipe that isn't linked, just let me know. i'll be happy to email it to you.



Kelly said...

Great idea! Thanks for sharing. I'll be checking back regularly. Let us know if any of the recipes are particularly successful, will you?

I admire your organizational skills -- I can barely manage to plan one week of meals at a time.

ann-marie said...

i think a month at a time is the only way we'll get it done, frankly.

i can tell you right now that two of my favorites in my month are the baked dijon salmon and the balsamic chicken with almond peppers (often served with couscous). yummy!