out of it

today is my second day home from work, having caught a bad cough and fever from david, who was sick over the weekend. though i'm feeling better, i'm experiencing a sore throat from the coughing and body aches from being in bed (or at least lying down) for a good portion of the past 48 hours.

i knew i wasn't well enough to go to the gym yesterday morning, but i still attempted to do some weight work at home. that didn't last very long, as i became nauseated and needed to lie down. but at least i tried. last night i knew i wouldn't be going to the gym or to work today, so i set the alarm for 7:30 (for david) and resigned myself to the fact that would be doing no exercise. it's surprising to me that, after only three and a half weeks of this new agenda, i am finding it disappointing not to work out.

while i was home today, however, my new resist-a-ball arrived, which i'm really excited about. i plan to use it for weekend days when i don't plan to go to the gym but want to get in some good strength training. first i have to pump it up.

also, while being home for a couple of days, i was reminded of just how funny ellen degeneres is. particularly after the receipt of her hawaii chair! too funny.

hopefully i will be back to normal tomorrow.


audrey said...

Hope that you feel better, soon! I'm impressed at your dedication and commitment, and that you even TRIED to work out yesterday.

GMS said...

The Hawaii Chair segment is very funny! Thanks for the link to a great laugh! Laughter is the best medicine! I hope you feel better!

Stuart Shea said...

Hope this cold doesn't keep you out for too long. We shared it around here for a month...but that was a different strain than what's going around now.

Find ways to keep the endorphins going even if you can't work out. Laugh (as you're doing), sing if you can...hang in there!

Alli said...

Oh my goodness, thanks for sharing the follow-up on the hawaii chair! Hilarious!

I hope that you're feeling better today!

mdog said...

omg. i am crying. CRYING. the hawaii chair is definitely going on my blog.

hope you feel better soon!