resolution tag

miss audrey has tagged me to share with you a list of my resolutions for 2008. seeing as she is such a dear, sweet person and good friend (and seeing as i have a little head start with yesterday's post), i will oblige:

1 work out on a regular basis. for real. if you read yesterday's post, you know that melissa and i have committed to each other to work out mondays, wednesdays, and fridays at a nearby gym, waking up before the crack of dawn to get a jump on the day and to get it over and done with before 5 p.m. rolls around and my couch begins calling me. i also plan to go one weekend day, as well, and possibly even throw in a fifth day during the week, if i feel so led.

2 create a weekly menu of good-for-us foods and stick to it. this will require research, smart shopping, and making the time to do it. wish me luck.

3 lรคra mig svenska igen. (learn swedish again.) this is in preparation for our trip in july, but also because i've always wanted to know more and be able to have a real conversation without having to apologize for my lacking knowledge.

4 sing more. and i don't just mean in general, like, around the house or in the shower. i have not been able to take advantage of singing with cantate as much as i usually do this past year because of other things like weddings (ours and other peoples') and taking on new responsibilities at church. but i plan to start out with a february or march concert (details are still forthcoming, even to the chorus members) and see what else they have in store for the year. voice lessons have also been on my mind . . . we'll see how ambitious i am.

so there you have them. my resolutions.

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Kelly said...

Good luck on number two! I've been working on that one myself. It's worth the effort.

elm said...

Dang it.
Ok, I'm on it! Give me a few days to think. Is there a magic number of resolutions I should be shooting for?

P.S. I really appreciate both the accountability of this public resolution AND the way we can still be involved in each others' lives (even if it is SO dependent upon technology). 'Tis grand! And a blessing, indeed!

melissa said...

Good luck! Maybe we can swap recipe ideas, as I really like planning my menus ahead of time as well. I've found that it makes shopping easier and less expensive, and eating healthier and more relaxing to prepare.

audrey said...

thanks for playing my little game:) looks like you're off to an fantastic start already!

Melissa Elsner said...

ooooh i met your challenge without even knowing it and even took it a step further. you'll have to take a gander at my blog. i think it was my 1/2 blog titled 'resolution'.