2008? already?

it's here. a new year. where did 2007 go?

even though i wrote about making resolutions last summer, i feel the need to do so again today, as it is january first. my good friend melissa and i have decided to join forces and be workout buddies, or "goal buddies" as the people at sparkpeople call them. another good friend, laurie, got into her workout regimen by starting out with her friend nancy. and now, even though nancy doesn't join her every day, laurie has found her groove and become a daily exerciser.

melissa has been a member at women's workout world for close to three years and convinced me to join. for a wee $19 a month, i really couldn't say no. the thing i could have said no to, however, was our plan to meet at 5:30 three mornings a week to drive over to the gym and exercise for an hour. and yet, i have had to fight myself at the end of the work day to make myself go. i am hopeful that having melissa as my accountability partner will make it easier and even more enjoyable to do something that is so good for me.

so, here's to my goal buddy!


melissa said...

and here's to you! see you bright and early (ugh)!

ps: the link to laurie brings up our photo. just fyi. :)

audrey said...

you go, girls! i'll be joining you in the exercise goal, too, and agree that the only way i can get it done is in the early morning. here's to 5:30 starts!

happy new year!

audrey said...

you've already started the list, so...

tag, you're IT!