back to business

i woke up this morning with very little cough left and the pleasure of free and easy breathing. finally! from my side of the bed i looked over at my dresser, on which sat my gym clothes, just waiting to be used. i hopped out of bed and threw them on, excited at the prospect of returning to the gym. thanks to the recent snowfall, i got a little pre-workout workout brushing off david's and my cars, and then i was on my way.

let me tell ya, there are a LOT of women who work out at 8:30 on a saturday morning! i was surprised at the numbers of people there, but glad to get an exercise bike so i could ease myself back into my cardio. after a half-hour there, i moved over to the free weights for some strength training. though i didn't watch the clock, i probably spent another 30 to 40 minutes there.

it felt so good (a) not to be sick anymore and (b) to get back to doing this crazy thing i was sure i'd hate doing on a regular basis.

tonight we will attempt a new fish recipe before heading over to our church's tenth annual coffee house. i'm looking forward to some fun performances by members of our church family.

happy sickness-free weekends to all!

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