super blah xlii

i've never understood the appeal of football, and other than the e*trading baby commercials ("i really underestimated the creepiness") and the vitamin water ad in which a jockey gives shaq a congratulatory pat on his posterior, it was a pretty dull night. (well, as dull as watching the super bowl with my best friend can be. we always have fun ;) )

for what it's worth, congrats to the giants.

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Anonymous said...

Okay, I have to agree that the Superbowl is usually totally lame. However, I was actually REALLY into the game this year because I didn't want Tom Brady and the Cheaters, er Patriots, to win! I was so excited that the Giants won!!

The commercials WERE pretty dull this year. Although, the guy breathing fire was pretty hilarious!!

(I hope you're feeling much better!)