funny things, scales

it has now been a little over a month and a half since melissa and i began our early-morning workouts and since david and i began a more regular eating schedule. for the first few weeks it was hard to tell if i was losing any weight, or if i was losing a little weight and gaining muscle. for a while i had no idea what i weighed. it didn't help that our digital scale gave readings all over the map. david stood on it three times in one morning, and his weight spanned an 18-pound range!

so, out went the digital scale and in came our new, analog tanita scale. while it's hard to know just what i actually did weigh when we started our work-outs, i can say with some certainty that, on our new scale (which accurately registers the weight of items for which we know the poundage, such as my dumbbells), i am currently at a weight of 151 pounds. this is a good thing. it means that i have lost somewhere around seven to twelve pounds. nice range, huh? this post helps to explain that.

i am supposed to visit my doctor again this month so she can track my progress, but i may put it off a few weeks just to see if i can drop a few more pounds. i'm not going crazy with this, but if i can get back to 145, i'll feel like i've accomplished something. and, as an added bonus, my driver's license will be correct again!


Melissa said...

good for you!! maybe i need to get a tanita scale...mine is probably perfectly accurate but it would be nice to step on one that displayed a lower number for me! ;)

simplicity said...

Way to go you!

I'm so impressed with your steadfastness to your new lifestyle!

Keep it up!

Stacy & Jonathan said...

Oh scales are my worst enemy. The gym, the doctor, my bathroom... they are all different weights. I go with the lowest # displayed and use that to gage any sort of loss or gain! I wish I could be one of those people who could throw away my scale... but no such luck so far. When I did that I turned into a whale!

Melissa said...

Dear, sweet Stacy. You have not, nor have you ever been - and I dare say that I you probably never WILL be - a whale.