better late than never

two christmases ago, i was given the gift of a super-funky, super-loooong scarf, hand-knit by my friend laurie. she made it while she was traveling in sweden that fall and thought it was kind of fun. but she didn't expect that i would fall completely in love with it and wear it every cold day of the past two winters.

this year, i commissioned her to make a matching hat. as she had many other projects on her plate (more christmas and birthday gifts), i told her not to rush. good thing. if you read her blog post about this hat--my hat--you will read that it wasn't a lickety-split, easy-knit operation. instead, she had difficulty getting the size right, and had to unravel the thing more than once. oh, how badly i felt for asking her to make this beast of a headwarmer.

but last week at choir rehearsal, she presented to me, in the most exasperated manner i've seen her display in many moons, THE HAT.

my hat.

my hat that i now love just as much as the scarf that preceded it.

so what if i've only gotten to wear it twice now that the weather is warming up? next winter, i will be all about my new hat!

and i will never ask laurie to knit anything for me ever again.

thanks, laurie!


Melissa said...

It looks fantastic! Well done, Laurie!!

simplicity said...

I love your matching set! Very cute!

audrey said...

Love the hat and scarf set! What great colors on you:)

erikka said...

i think of this post everytime i see you and your scarf! i have yet to see the hat, but i think that's okay (more sun please!)

lao said...

Never say never... just pick an easier yarn to work with next time.