melissa tagged me (almost a week ago—oops!), and i am now supposed to list ten things about myself. fortunately, this melissa did not tag me, as she just shared one hundred things about herself, and i did that a while ago. so here are my ten:

1 i am fairly well addicted to lost.

2 i really, really wish i could hold my own in conversations about politics.

3 i love being married to my best friend, and i highly recommend it.

4 i’m in love with our nieces and nephews. can't get enough of 'em! and i wish that the majority of them weren't so far away.

5 i feel really victorious when i get home from the gym, especially on days when i have to force myself kicking and screaming to get out of bed at 5:10.

6 i would check email and do household chores 24 hours of day if i could.

7 i yawn way too many times a day.

8 i’ve been trying to lose the last five pounds.

9 aside from the goals i’ve already reached in my life, i want to have children, stay home with them, work from home while they are young, and hopefully do so (at some point) in a home that we own.

10 i really love the end of the work week. no, really. i think it's unnatural how glad i am to get out of the office, and that was even the case when things were good.

and now i tag megan, erikka, nancy, and sarah.


Melissa said...

You're so funny. Are there some nieces and nephews you're HAPPY live far away? ;)

elm said...

i'm addicted to LOST, too!!!
who isn't?!

Anonymous said...

ah.. thanks for humoring me! sorry things have been rough at work. :(

MeganBritt said...

iwasn't going to play... but i did. :)