Gettin’ strict: My six-month re-resolution

Because of the busyness of the last couple of months, David and I have not been keeping up with our monthly, let alone weekly or daily, menus. We haven’t eaten poorly, necessarily, but we also haven’t eaten as well as we probably could.

In addition, I have been slacking a bit on my workouts. Though I’ve gone almost every weekday, I have majorly skimped on my cardio.

The combination of these two things has caused my weight to creep up. Seeing as I had only five more pounds to go a couple of months ago, this is frustrating to me. I now have ten.

So, starting now, I am getting strict with myself. I will plan a week’s worth of healthy meals and shop for them, I will watch my portions, and I will lessen the number of sweets I allow myself. I will work harder at the gym. I will lose ten pounds.

And then I’ll have to maintain it . . . eek!


Kelly said...

You go! It's time for me to make a similar re-resolution. You have inspired me.

Nancy said...

Keep up the good work. It's difficult at times, I know, but hang in there!

audrey said...

Go YOU! You have excellent resolve, and I know you can do it:)

Anonymous said...

after losing 32 lbs. this winter...i've been creeping back up. so, you're email was a good inspiration for me too. you'll do it! also, congratz on your first year anniversary.