The verdict is in

It's too short. While I love John and he gave me a great haircut, it's too short to be easily manageable. Well, easily manageable by me. Which is sad because, ultimately, after spending 15 minutes blowing it dry (most of which time was spent on the back of my head where my curl is, and much of which time was spent sweating under the heat of the blow-dryer and muttering frustrations under my breath), I like how it looks.

I just hope I figure out a way to do it that isn't so time-consuming -- or that it grows out even just a little so it doesn't look so silly when I don't straighten it -- before we travel to Sweden.

In the meantime, I'm going to find a smaller round brush in the hopes that I will be able to manage the crazy, curly shortness that is the back of my head right now. Or possibly ask John if I could ever pay him enough to come to my house every morning at 7:15 to style it for me.

Happy Friday.

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