Hasta la vista, Honda

Nine and a half years ago, I bought my first car. It wasn't the first car I'd ever had, but it was the first one for which I paid everything. My 1999 Honda Civic HX has taken me safely from point A to point B -- even when those points were as far away as Florida, where I lived briefly -- and has given me very little trouble.

When David and I were married, we each brought a car into the mix. I was pretty sure we could get by with one car from the get-go; David needed some time to feel things out.

About a week and a half ago, David emailed me to say he'd called our mechanic, Brian, to ask if he had any recommendations of a place to sell our car. He admitted to only using the car once in the prior two weeks. To go get beer. At a convenience store three blocks away from our apartment. Brian had one recommendation, Wheels of Chicagoland in Northbrook. We called and made an appointment, but decided to go to Carmax first, just to get a comparison quote.

The quote we got from Carmax was quite a bit lower than we were expecting, but we weren't surprised, because it's Carmax, and we'd heard that their quotes are often low. But when we got to Wheels of Chicagoland, we were surprised to hear that their quote was identical. However, because the quote from Carmax was the same, Jeff at Wheels upped his quote by $100. Still not quite what we were hoping for, but better than a kick in the pants, as my mother says.

In addition, our mechanic will get $100 for referring us. And, should we ever refer anyone to Wheels of Chicagoland -- hint, hint -- we, too, will get $100.

I will not lie. When I walked away from my car, I got choked up. I laughed at myself for it, but I did. I looked over my shoulder a good four or five times to catch a few last glimpses as we walked toward what will now be known as "our car," David's Chevy Classic.

Another thing I was sad to say good-bye to was this:

I bought this sticker before North Park College made the change to North Park University, and I held onto it until I bought a new car, knowing it would have a longer life than if I were to affix it to the window of my old, used car.

I'm glad that we are now a one-car household, but it will be an adjustment. For one, I'll have to remember that I'm driving an automatic. And for another, I'll have to remember what the car looks like when I'm searching for it in a parking lot. I think I'll be okay, though.

Life is full of adjustments right now. I think getting rid of this car will be one of the easy ones.


Alli said...

Don't worry, I definitely teared up when we left Luke's car at CarMax.

Just think though, only one car to consider on street-cleaning days, only one car to pay insurance on, no more dealing with both of them breaking down at once! We have really liked having only one car, so far.

Sad about the NPC sticker though!

mar said...

it'll be an adjustment.
i'm sharing my car with s. because i walk to work every day. i'd basically drive it once a week; he's got work 3-4 times per week in the next town over.

Melissa said...

Awww, Honda! Sounds like a wise choice, but I totally share your teary-eyed sentiments. Saying goodbye to Molly Malibu - MY very first car, ever - was way more emotional that I'd have guessed it would be. Hope this decision relieves even the tiniest bit of weight from your shoulders at this time.

Sarah said...

Most days I am annoyed at what a piece of crap my car is, but I'm confident that the day I get rid of it I'll shed a tear or two.

elm said...

I'm sad just reading this! I have quite a few memories with you that involve riding around in that car, particularly when you, Melissa & I went up north to Long Grove and had such a fun day.
It must be a freeing feeling by now, though... good for you 2!