Fall is coming

This morning I was invited to a last-minute brunch with my friends Melissa and Kjersten. We went to Tre Kronor, where we caught each other up on the latest in our lives. On my walk home, I passed this tree. The few branches that have turned color -- along with the chill in the air on this otherwise sunny day -- are signs that fall is coming.

Hot apple cider, wearing sweaters and light jackets, brisk morning air, apple picking (which, I must admit, I did for the first time this year, and which I still need to blog about) . . . all are things I love about fall.

But soon enough, winter will come and ruin it all.


Nancy said...

Lovely shot of the beautiful tree. We are having a more colorful fall this year than I can remember in years past when it was too dry.

However, your comment about winter will offend a few of your friends, I think -- ha, ha!

simplicity said...

Great picture! I am loving the gradual changing of the leaves this year too! But you're totally right before we blink, winter will be here.

Melissa Elsner said...

I LOVE FALL! Which you have already read/saw on my blog. Yes winter will come and all the branches will be naked but I still love it. I just wish I had a fire place because that would help round out my snuggly blanket, hot cocoa, Perry Como and twinkly Christmas lights. Yes.. I said the word 'Christmas' in October! Ha! ;)