The annual post-Christmas letdown

Christmas future is far away,
Christmas past is past.

Christmas present is here to stay,
Bringing joy that will last.

- "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" intro,
written by Hugh Martin for Frank Sinatra, 1957

Another Christmas has come and gone. David and I were especially glad that both of our families would be in the Chicago area this year, allowing us time with everyone for at least a few days. However, this is always a difficult time for me, as I anticipate saying, "See you later" to our siblings and their children, all of whom we love so dearly. It's hard to be so far away from our Michigan and Vermont families throughout the year, not to mention our Rockford, Winnetka, and Batavia family members, who we see so seldom despite our close proximity. For me, Christmas is as wonderful as it is heart-wrenching. So much so that I have spent most of today looking at housing prices in Michigan and Vermont. But that's not the solution. What that is, I do not know.

For those of you who need a good laugh (like I did today), please click on the photo at the right. You'll find David being piled on by his nieces and nephew, and a few glorious shots of Marc, Brad, and David's mom (yes, Mormor!) gettin' jiggy with the kids during the Christmas Day Dance Party.

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emily said...

Dance parties are the best.