Christmastime and time to think

Today has been a good day. I went to the gym, I got some Christmas shopping done, and a light, fluffy snow is falling steadily outside our cozy apartment. Christmas is indeed coming, and we've already experienced some of our annual traditions of this season: our Christmas concert at church, picking out our tree and decorating our apartment, and hosting our second annual glögg party, which brought out 40-plus people throughout the evening. And last night I experienced something new -- a cookie exchange with some women from church -- though I don't know if it will become an annual event.

In the midst of the Christmas hustle and bustle, I am still contemplating a new name for my blog. I'm afraid this is where my creativity is lacking. I mean, look at the current name. So clever.

Thoughts of new beginnings swirl around in my head, brought about mostly by my decision to leave my job and set out to find work as a freelance copyeditor/personal organizer. But the idea of new beginnings also relates to the way in which I have chosen to take care of my health this year, and the results I have experienced, both physical and personal, because of it. So that's one idea I'm playing with.

I'd like to start this paragraph with "Other thoughts include . . ." but I haven't had any. So it's the one idea.

A little help here?


Melissa said...

Ok... just a couple. Reject if you like but maybe it will help your brain to begin storming:

Arising Anew or Eternally Arising Anew
With a tag like:
My life as God ushers me through the doors of each day. Cheesy? Yes. or Finding the new and fresh in the midst of the constant

OR... a true fave that I just thought of.. hehe..
Germinated Newfangled Thoughts of Ann-Marie
You do the dictionary search and I'll do the blogging

More words and phrases swirling in my brain but you'll know when you got the right title. Don't think too hard though.

OR... something that's fun.. use a play on two words that are opposite like "Changing the Same" or something.. that was kind of lame but I'm sure you get it.

Emily said...

"Life Goes On" (sounds depressing, but it's true! you could jazz it up with a light-hearted byline)

"Resume Play"

Or, if you're really brave - and still have that killer sense of humor -
"Frisky Thoughts"

'Nuff said.

kate d said...

I like 'Resume Play' also maybe.. 'Room to Play' - not only does it address your life but also your work.

You could even call your blog 'Other thoughts Include...' but I'm reaching here. I will suggest more if it comes.

Ann-Marie said...

These are all great suggestions . . . I'm ruminating . . .