the opposite of fun

this blogging is addictive. i’m not sure what it is about it, as i’m not usually one to think i say much of interest. and yet, here i am. on post three.

today i did one of the hardest things i’ve ever had to do, and that was to tell someone flat out that i am not interested in dating him. i have always been the dumpee, which isn’t any fun, either, but this was a whole new brand of unpleasant experience for me. who wants to tell someone something that they know will hurt their feelings? well, maybe someone does, but that someone is not me.

usually i’m all for second chances -- especially when i’m asking for one -- and i fully intended to give him his. but the more i thought about the prospect of spending time with him, the less i wanted to. and there wasn't anything he could do about it. so, it’s over . . . short-lived as it was.

don't get me wrong -- i’m not looking for sympathy. if anything, i think you should call him up and tell him what a meany you think i am. but since i don’t actually want to encourage him, i won’t give you his number. so . . . the search continues.

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southstream said...

I agree that breaking up is hard to do and quite uncomfortable, and by you being uncomfortable means that you care at least somewhat for this person, which is good...

Anyway someone once told me that breaking up or telling someone that you are not interested in them should not be that uncomfortable nor uncommon, because we are all going to break up in some form until we get married, and then even for some.

So I hope this ramble makes you feel better.