clear cut it ain’t

on this election day, i am dismayed at the difficult choices that lay ahead of me. no one candidate stands out in a positive way. no one candidate overwhelms with greatness or even great potential. no one candidate makes me feel fully and completely safe or wise in choosing them.

and yet, it seems like the greater of two evils not to vote than to vote for someone who will eventually screw things up in one way or another.

i hate politics.

update: i did it. i voted. but why did i only recognize a fraction of the names on the ballot? and who are all those judges i’m supposed to vote to retain or not to retain? why am i not better informed? i’m so embarrassed.


jacks said...

Not only do I hate politics, I HATE the political commercials (and phone calls!!!) that go with them!

amo said...

me, too! i have finally started muting the tv when it goes to commercials because every single one is about one candidate or another. ugh.

haven't had any phone calls, though. *whew*

Kelly said...

I'm with you. Why can't we have candidates who inspire passion, politicians we vote for because we agree with their platform and firmly believe them to be the best people for the job? Why must we instead pick the lesser of two evils?

And the calls! The calls! I'm so glad they'll finally stop.

elm said...

you should definitely check out my latest post.