new feature

first, happy friday! today was a quiet day, but not boring, so that’s good. but it is now over and i am about to head home. but before i do, i wanted to mention that, per a comment made by my brother from earlier this year, i have added to this page a list of dvds—or, as homer simpson would say, “duh-vuh-duhs”—i own. the comment was made when i asked him if i should bring any movies with me when i flew out to visit them. his response? “nah, we have rental places here. we’ll find something.”

movie rental night came and we had decided on x2. we drove to the rental place. pete ran in to grab a copy of x2. what he came out with, however, was the constant gardener. a very good movie, and i’m glad i saw it, but i was really revved up to see x2 again. pete said, “you need a list of your movies on your blog so i can just take a look and see what you have before you come out here.”

so, peter, the bottom, right-hand column of this blog is for you.

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