i don’t even know what nobloshoemo stands for, but i like the idea behind it. take a pic of the shoes you’re wearing each day during the month of november and post it on your blog. despite my numerous pairs of shoes, i most often wear one of my two pairs of danskos. they are the most comfortable shoes i own, and well worth their price. however, this doesn’t allow for much variety in daily posting.

my other shoes do get worn. they do. some days i wear my black mary janes. some days i wear my red josef seibel ones that i got for a song from sierra trading post. once it gets colder, i’ll start wearing my boots. and when i work out, i wear my new balance walking shoes. but most often, my feet find their way into the super-supportive comfort of the dansko professional clog.

so, seeing as i have worn one or the other of my pairs of danskos for pretty much the first eight days of the month of november, here is a photo of my black ones. they are my older—and therefore more worn-in—pair.

i think i just got it: novemberblogshoemonth.

maybe eight days from now i’ll post another photo.


jacks said...

Those look so comfy! I'm in the market for a comfy pair of shoes like that. There are just too many options!!

amo said...

i HIGHLY recommend them. they are actually orthopaedic shoes, so they have great arch support.

but you may need to save up. this style is usually about $115. for my second pair, i saved $10 a week for 15 weeks.

Kjersten & Michael said...

I am in love with my dansko clogs. We should start a fan club!

amo said...

i'm in!

Small Moments of Sanity said...

i HEART danskos! i'm currently saving up for a pair of the mary janes off of ebay. i have found several pairs going for about $60. SWEET!