gym talk for girls

ann-marie: becca, hi! it’s been so long! how are you?
becca: i’m great! how are you?
ann-marie: doing really well. keeping busy.
becca: aren’t we all? oy. i gotta say, your eyebrows look great!
ann-marie: oh? well, thanks!


melissa & steven said...

sounds accurate. and hysterical. :)

amo said...


melissa & steven said...

thanks, lovey. i appreciate your words. yes, getting together would be fabulous! unfortunately i don't know when it can happen before next wednesday, when i leave for cali, and then i come back and it's thanksgiving. oy. unless you want to pick me up at the airport and get coffee. :)

i hope YOU have a good weekend - we'll look forward to having you back with us on dec. 16! and while i don't anticipate you wanting to join in on this one, you're welcome to get your woop-woop on with us tomorrow night. :)

mdog said...