i changed my shoes!

a momentous occasion, no? if you read my last nobloshoemo post, you understand. but this weekend, i actually mixed it up a bit. so you see, it’s not as strange as you think. okay, maybe it is.

saturday morning i wore my gym shoes to a low-key inaugural event for students that took place on the campus of north park university. saturday afternoon, i put on my red josef seibel mary janes (at left) to head to the mall with laurie. saturday night, i wore no shoes as i lounged around the house and watched friends with david. sunday i wore my black mary janes for church, as well as for the inauguration ceremony.

but today i am back to the red mary janes. to wear them is to walk on mini clouds. normally I wouldn’t purchase shoes online if i had not tried them on previously. the comfort of these was pure luck.

happy monday and comfy shoes to all!

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jacks said...

I love those!!