too good to be true

i should’ve known. after gushing about how great stamps.com is and getting giddy over being told that the price hike would be reflected for their photo stamps as of april 4, now no one over there knows when the higher-priced stamps will be available. it’s probably just as well, as the stamps ended up being rather large, and the postcard on which we want to put them is not. but i’ve already ordered and received the larger-than-expected $.39 stamps, which, frankly, aren’t as great-looking as i was hoping they’d be. did i mention that they’re large?

so now i’m crabby.


amb said...

ann-marie: i just found out about zazzle.com, which also does pictures stamps and you can pick the size of the stamps: small, medium or large! it's great!


Alli said...

Well, if it makes you feel any better Luke and I ended up using the moth stamps after all...we just bumped up the date the RSVPs were due. : ) So ours aren't anything beautiful.