major purchase number two - attempt number two

after the excitement we felt over our new couch and armchair, we were dismayed to receive only one of the two fabric swatches in the mail. the other one? "dropped." i called to find out exactly what that meant, and was told that it could mean one of two things. it could mean that the manufacturer has a limited amount of fabric left and might be able to squeeze an armchair and two throw pillows out of it. or it could mean that they are out of it completely and we'll have to return to the furniture store to choose another fabric.

my luck seems to run this way with fabric, the latter was be the case. so, on tuesday night we returned to roy's to choose a new pattern. we found something fairly quickly, which was fortunate (it took us forever to find our original choices). even better, the fabric we chose brought the price of the chair down by $50.

our new fabric
(the solid fabric on the left is more gold in person)

now we keep our fingers crossed that, when the swatch of this fabric arrives, there are no red pen markings telling us it, too, has been dropped.

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simplicity said...

You sure do have some interesting fabric luck!