major purchase number two

as if buying a television cabinet and getting married weren't enough to qualify us, david and i now feel as though we are real, bona-fide adults.

we bought a couch and a matching armchair last night, after spending one very long night tossing and turning on our current living room futon. or, as i called it the morning after, "the futon from hell."
but better it was us than our house-guests.

here is an image of the couch, which will be a color very similar to what is shown here.

the throw pillows and the armchair will be in the pattern you see below, which looks more purple in this image due to the fact that david took it on his phone:

you'll just have to take my word for it that they'll look really nice when done. and then, in eight weeks or so, you can stop by to see for yourself!


melissa said...

nice! :)

Stuart Shea said...

First couches can be fantastic. We still have our first couch, which we bought in 1989 and had re-covered about ten years ago. Glad to read that the two of you are enjoying the homemaking phase!