pork: the yummy white meat

david had a yen for grilling this weekend so, on saturday night, we invited our friend megan over. i asked her ahead of time if she likes pork, to which she replied, "yeah." apparently i didn't pick up on the lack of enthusiasm in her tone. so we went forth, minds a-racing, finding a marinade recipe and planning the grilled veggie kabobs. we were so excited.

megan arrived and we chatted while david did the grill thing. we had a grand old time, talking and laughing as we set the table and got everything ready for eating. the food turned out so well, we even took a picture of it.

and then we ate. and ate. and ate. i probably had a few too many grilled vegetables, but they were so good i couldn't help myself.

at the end of the meal, megan said, "this was delicious. i mean, i'm not a huge fan of pork, but this was really, really good!" zoinks!

i learned two lessons that night. one: listen more closely to your friends when they answer your questions. and two: when you make a pork chop dish for someone who isn't a huge fan of pork, and she gobbles up every last bite, you've got a good marinade!

perhaps you'd like to try it:

1 medium onion, chopped
1/3 cup oil
1/4 cup pineapple juice
1/8 teaspoon garlic powder
1/2 cup soy sauce
2 tablespoons brown sugar
4-6 pork chops

combine above ingredients. pour over four to six pork chops, placed either in a large plastic bag or pan with a cover. marinate four hours or overnight. grill chops anywhere from six to ten minutes on each side, depending on thickness.



melissa said...

mmm, yum. so long as it's not tuna or bananas, i'll gladly come dine at your table! :)

MeganBritt said...

In AMOF's defense, I should have been more enthusiastic about my likes and dislikes... I was just happy to be eating a real meal that I didn't have to cook myself! And it was delicious!

melissa said...

amo, what kind of oil did you use for this recipe? i'm about to prep my pork chops right now for tonight's dinner!

ann-marie said...

we used olive oil. extra virgin, i believe.

or, as rachael would say, eevo. :)

ann-marie said...

i mean, evoo.