pancakes would be . . . perfection

i just couldn't stay away. not when there are brunches to be had with (and photos to be taken of) good friends!

this morning, steven and
melissa came over--gorgeous hydrangeas in hand--for brunch. david and i put together a fruit salad, cooked up some sausage links and bacon, and offered up mimosas (which melissa so kindly concocted), and i flipped us some good ol' swedish

to give you a little background, my past forays into the realm of swedish pancakes have not always been successful (ask my mother or my husband--they can verify this fact). as a full-blooded swede, this has been a source of frustration for me. make them thin enough to be authentic AND flip them without turning them into a mangled mess? not my strongest suit.

but for some reason, today? today i rocked the
plätt pan. so much so that, about three pancakes into the process, i called to melissa to grab my camera, stating that i had achieved Swedish Pancake Perfection.

and i truly think i did:

batter distribution

the post-flip photo

utmärk pannkakan--look at that swirl!

once the pan in the oven was filled with piping-hot pancakes, we made our way to the dining room, where everyone filled their plates. steven, who has been told to cut out coffee for the next few weeks, checked out the variety of teas we offered him. i believe he's in the midst of uttering a long and interested "ooOOooh . . ." in this photo:

we're ready for pancakes!

my handsome husband
(and a huge bowl of fruit)


we spent nearly four hours eating, laughing, and enjoying each others' company, as well as (on david's and my part) the chance to have these friends, who have so often hosted us in their home, at our place for a change. we look forward to having them over on many more occasions in the future (especially once our couch and chair arrive . . . on tuesday!).

on another, completely unrelated note, i finally got a new cell phone. my previous phone, a nokia, may only have been three years old, but it seemed like a dinosaur. so today i switched from at&t to verizon and got myself a brand-spankin'-new motorola razr v3m. it's so pretty! and it can do all sorts of things my old one never could. the best part, though, is the money david and i will save by being on the same plan.

happy three-day weekends to all!


melissa said...

thanks again for hosting us. the meal was delicious and the company delightful! i'm just wondering whether i'd had too much mimosa, or too much time in the warm kitchen - what is UP with my face being so red?! love how the hydrangeas turned out - here's to bruce, whoop whoop! :)

audrey said...

congratulations on your perfect swedish pancakes! and a perfect flip, as well:)

glad to see that you had the beginnings of a wonderful holiday weekend! i hope the rest of it was equally enjoyable!

p.s. - i'd love to see pictures of your new place once the chair and couch are in place!

melissa said...

seriously, i cannot get over how red my face is. what the heck?!

ann-marie said...

i'm sure it's because of the warmth of the kitchen. and maybe a *bit* because of the mimosas? ;) but i wouldn't have noticed it if you hadn't said anything.

thanks again for the beautiful flowers. sadly, they did not last long. :(