quality friday: holding steady

thirteen early weekday mornings have passed since melissa and i began our work-outs together as goal buddies, and i am happy to report that i have gone all thirteen days. that's every workday morning for two and a half weeks, folks. i've quite surprised myself. not only that, but i have continued to keep track of which exercises i am doing both strength training and cardio and the foods i am eating. thank goodness for sparkpeople!

the combination of my new work-out regimen and david's and my new meal schedule has brought about some changes in me.

1- i have a new bed time (10 p.m.) and, with the exception of last night, when i got home from choir at 9:50 and was wired, i have stuck to it.
2- waking up at 5:10 has only gotten easier.
3- i have more energy all day long.
4- the days when melissa can't join me don't make me want to stay home (no offense, friend!).
5- i am more productive and am doing a better job at keeping track of daily life.

as far as my weight loss is concerned, i haven't seen much change in poundage. yet. but i have seen changes in the shape of my body. i showed david my tricep the other night and said, "look! i have new muscles!" and i do.

the next couple of weeks will be a true test of my devotion, as melissa may only be able to go with me one or two days next week and not at all the following week. let's hope i can hold steady then as well as i have been so far!

happy (quality) friday, everyone!


Melissa said...

YOU CAN DO IT! I'm so sad I won't be able to join you much (or ever) in the next few weeks - but you are a m.a.c.h.i.n.e. and will do just fine, I'm sure. This early-morning adventure has been made much more fun and far less strenuous by your company, and I'm grateful for you. Keep it up, girl!

MeganBritt said...

Props to you, lady! You're rather inspirational...maybe, just maybe, my exercise hiatus will end...it might require a few more posts like this, though!

mar said...

good on you! i can't deal with the gym, but i've started a new exercise regimen myself. hopefully i can keep it up, too!

Melissa Elsner said...

i miss going to the gym but can't afford it right now. you are inspiring me though. keep it up and maybe in a month my situation will be different because believe me... there is some baggage i wouldn't mind losing. my mom began a diet based of alli. I'm not taking the pill with her but am joining her on changing my diet. YAY!

elm said...

Glad to hear you are honoring God's temple. Nicely done, I am tempted to follow suit. Thanks for your testimony.